UnderDeepWater 3.0 bêta # 1
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°.: Galeries virtuelles de mes diverses créations graphiques :.°
[ une sélection parmis divers travaux graphiques personnels/professionels, dans de nombreux styles.
En solo ou avec ShadowMoon, sur divers supports et avec de nombreux matériaux ]

UnderDeepWater © Jérôme Chauvin, a.k.a. xk_liber
(Web-)Coding, (Web-)Design, Multimedia, Graphisme, ...
a website and a blog ("Le Labo sous l'eau") from 2004 to around 2008, a bit in standby mode then with some articles until 2014

Since 2008 I'm more active on Social Networks (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram ...).
I then wanted to have a more proper website to gather some of my creative projects, services and networks.
(Handpan Music, Handpan Music for Animals, Albums and Singles Releases, Music Collaborations, Photography, Design, Art and Video Works, ...):
Check that out and join me on my socials via, opened in early 2019: xkliber.com